Lap Dog Breeds You Should Have

If you are looking for a dog that is happy to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with you, bask on the couch, reading a book, go on click here – well, you are going to do the reading, and the dog will do The lounging – you have come to the right place. From the Pug to the Shih Tzu, we have assembled seven loving races that excel.
The cheerful smile of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not a poker face; These small pet dogs like to spend time with their people, whether it means hugs on the couch or go for outdoor adventures. The Cavalier is in the Toy group, but falls on the larger end of this size scale from 13 to 18 pounds. The Royal Shih Tzu has been a hunting dog since the beginning of his very famous existence, especially as the precious companion of Chinese emperors. It does not need a palace to live in, however – it can be a large dogs apartment as long as they get their daily exercise.
The charismatic Italian Greyhound has no idea that she is a tiny dog, weighing only 7 to 15 pounds. Just like her biggest sighthound parents, the IG likes to hunt, so do not be surprised if a minute she’s snoozing on your lap, and the next she’s launching it when she sees something moving in the Backyard. The Havanese, Cuba’s national dog, will be happy to sit on your lap while you attend to his daily grooming needs. Its beautiful coat requires brushing every day and occasionally may need to be professionally groomed. But it’s OK with him – if it means getting the love and attention he knows he deserves, he’s cool with it!
The next one is the Pug. Is there a dog breed that is more synonymous with affection than this beloved breed of heart, wrinkled? We do not think so. After its easy to fulfill the requirement of light exercise every day, the Pug will be happy to perform the work he was born to do: sitting on your lap. Remember, as with all brachycephalic breeds, it is sensitive to heat, so if exercising or snuggling, be sure to keep it cool. The Maltese is a bunch of dogs packed in a very small frame. Its fluffy white coat can give it a prissy appearance, but do not be fooled – it’s a courageous canine with lots of spunk. Originally from the country of Malta, in the south of Europe, 2000 years ago, the Maltese are quickly known throughout Europe and Asia for its charm.

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